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Activities are a very important part of life here at The Arbor & The Terrace. We provide a diverse calendar of activities which give residents opportunities to socialize and make friends while having fun! Our activities are recreational, spiritual, educational and include wellness activities for the mind, body, and soul.

These are a few of the many wonderful activities our residents enjoy:
• Bingo
• Playing dominoes
• Outings to restaurants, shopping malls,
   museums,community events,
   and so much more
• Fun and Interactive Health Talks
• Exercise classes
• Wine and Cheese Socials
• Food Socials
• Monthly Birthday Parties
• Van rides in the country
• Movie Days
• Arts and crafts
• Musical entertainment
• Religious Services
• Bible Study Groups
• Spiritual Group Meeting
• Dancing performances
• Parties for just about every holiday!

Volunteering is a wonderful way to give back to your senior community. Volunteers are
very special and make a huge impact on our residents’ lives. We welcome volunteers and
encourage you to come by to talk with us about the many volunteer opportunities
available. Click to view contact info.

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